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Fast facts

Reclamation of 32 waterfront acres for public enjoyment

Vibrant mix of retail, office, living and green spaces

Extension of the city’s downtown to the waterfront

Environmentally conscious design that reflects the Pacific Northwest spirit

Outstanding transportation links to the city, region and world beyond

The Waterfront at Vancouver, Washington, USA

is envisioned as a destination where urban vitality, prized livability and natural beauty come together on the Columbia River. Once transformed, this former industrial crossroads will showcase spectacular residential, office and retail opportunities in a stunning riverfront location at the heart of the Vancouver-Portland metropolitan area.

Here, a riverfront trail opens the entire site to public waterfront access. Parks and open space reweave the district into the fabric of the city. Restaurants, shops and small hotels create an energy that moves between workday and nightlife, the everyday and the extraordinary. And an underlying commitment to sustainable design principles reflects the spirit of the Pacific Northwest. This vision is unfolding now at The Waterfront, Vancouver, Washington.

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