Committed to Excellence

Investing in the region’s future: In 2008, the 32-acre site was acquired by Columbia Waterfront LLC, with a singular vision in mind — returning the title of “Gateway to the Pacific Northwest” to the shores of Vancouver, Washington. The public and private partnership members all have strong roots in the community and are committed to creating a world-class development in concert with the local region and natural environment. This unique community is being created by a talented team of public and private partners – led by Gramor Development, Inc., as well as federal, state and local government with the end goal of delivering an innovative, vibrant, one-of-kind bustling neighborhood rich with history and full of amenities for the entire region to enjoy.

Columbia Waterfront LLC

Recognizing the unparalleled potential of this former industrial site, a group of local investors including Steve and Jan Oliva, Steve and Jo Marie Hansen, Al and Sandee Kirkwood, George and Paula Diamond and Barry Cain, president of Gramor Development, Inc., partnered and purchased the property in 2008. In addition to contributing the land for the waterfront park, the partnership has invested in extensive infrastructure, including collaboration for access roads, building designs, park improvements, and the extension of the Columbia River Renaissance Trail.

A Public-Private Partnership

The City of Vancouver, Vancouver Parks and Recreation Department, State of Washington, Columbia Waterfront LLC, Gramor Development, Inc., Port of Vancouver, and BNSF Railway formed a relationship to create this $1.5 billion public-private project.
Phase 1 infrastructure broke ground – November 2015.

To date, construction has commenced on:

  • Rediviva and The Murdock (Block 6) – Office, Residential and Retail
  • RiverWest (Block 8) – Residential and Retail
  • Hotel Indigo and Condo Homes (Block 4)

Accomplishments to date include:

  • The creation of a quiet zone—train whistles are no longer sounded at intersections within City limits, except in emergencies.
  • The rebuilding of central access roads through to the river.
  • The Waterfront park
  • Grant Street Pier (Blocks 9 & 12) – Restaurants
  • The opening of all Phase 1 streets.

“The Vancouver Waterfront project represents the most viable opportunity for the State of Washington to benefit from the economic activity in the broader Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area. This project will build upon recent momentum in central Vancouver, with the scale and amenity base to establish the area as an urban alternative to Portland and attracting higher value housing and office space. As a result, the growth anticipated in this development does not reflect merely a reallocation of growth that would have otherwise occurred elsewhere in Clark County, but a shift in the nature of growth captured by Clark Country from the broader metropolitan area”.

Johnson Economics

Gramor Development

Gramor Development, is an innovative leader in commercial and mixed-use development and has a respected presence in the metropolitan Vancouver/Portland area that reaches back over 30 years. Its success and reputation are based on one core principle: Build projects with lasting quality that enhance local communities.

The Waterfront Vancouver USA