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Here, the mighty Columbia, one of the world’s premier scenic rivers, flows past a major downtown area. The river is a magnet, drawing people to connect with one another and with the natural world. Relax to the rhythms of waves lapping the shore. The half-mile long riverfront waterfront park offers river access, public spaces, and expansive walking and biking — a natural extension of downtown Vancouver directly to its waterfront.

Incredible River Access

Gramor Development, Columbia Waterfront LLC and the City of Vancouver brought together world-renowned Canadian-based park designer PWL Partnership to complete a detailed public design for the waterfront park including expansive open spaces throughout the development. The collaborative design describes the long-term blueprint the City will follow, to develop a natural destination for the region to enjoy.

The central focus of the waterfront park is an elegant Grant Street Pier designed by nationally recognized public artist Larry Kirkland that does not rely on traditional pilings for support. Instead, the pier is suspended some 90 feet over the river from cables, creating a dramatic and accessible experience.

Fisher Marantz Stone, an award winning architectural lighting design firm with over 3,500 notable projects around the world, will team with PWL Partnership and Larry Kirkland, to design a unique and inspired lighting design for the state-of-the-art waterfront park and its focal points and features.

The Waterfront Vancouver USA